Fabric Distraction

I listen to Daren Hardy, without fail, Every Monday thru Friday.

At 6:30 AM, you will find me sitting in my kitchen with a cup of coffee waiting for Darren’s words of wisdom!

Today was no different, although my day wasn’t about my Business
Del~Lillian’s, It was about getting my house cleaned.
And having a clean house, makes you more productive in the end

This point was driven home to me this week when I finally cleaned my Quilting Studio.


It had become a disaster, as if the Tasmanian Devil himself had whirled through every nook and cranny …and left this mess in his wake.

The mess left behind
The mess left behind

Once the studio was cleaned I managed being more productive in two days than I had been in the past month. 
(You’ll get to see a cleaned up Quilting Studio during the Island Batik Ambassadors Blog Hop “Our Favorite Things”)


Yes, Darren’s advice on staying focused would still come handy, today.
I know it is much too easy to pulled aside from chores, especially when you can check email and social media quickly and easily.

And I was determined to get the house done.

and it was going quite well.

After all, I did close the ipad and set it aside so  there weren’t any “Shiny” Objects to distract…or so I thought 🙂

I had finished cleaning one bathroom and was ready to do the second, which is also the Laundry Room.

I took a load of clean wash out of the dryer….

Brought the basket into my dining room where

there was

Fabric sitting on the table!

A collection called Still Life from P & B Textiles.

Fabric Collection
My “Shiny Object”

I set the basket down on a chair

and what do you think happened next?

I couldn't help myself! I started playing with the fabric! Rearranging it, looking at it from all these different directions. Click To Tweet

Then I bust out laughing,

for one I had just shared the post on Facebook

and second I never thought about it but, I guess Fabric is my “Shiny Object”

I had to quickly put it aside…and get to the task at hand

Which I did!

The house is clean and now I can get back to playing with those fabrics!

Live, Love, Laugh, Learn and Create it!

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