The Ordinary, Boring, Four Patch Quilt Block

The Four Patch Quilt Block,

It’s a plain old ordinary, kind of boring quilt block, isn’t it?

The Four Patch Quilt Block, it is ordinary, it is perhaps boring, but this basic block can be used to make extraordinary quilts.

But, it’s a block that ain’t really as boring as it looks and can create magic..

Sure the four patch doesn’t have the raz ma taz of the Whirling Star Block, or the 54-40 block, but it won’t make you crazy either! 🙂

The four patch block is a basic building block you’re going to see a lot in your quilting journey.

What is a Four Patch Quilt Block

Simply put, a block made with four pieces of fabric, they are usually equal size squares and most often the four patch block is made with two different colors.

Of course, those ‘rules’ are made to be broken.

Take my Scrappy Fours Pattern. *free download, available for a limited time only

This fun, easy quilt is designed with the basic four patch, using Scrap Fabrics of any color.

It would be simply “charming” as a Charm Quilt!
To do that you’ll need 192 different fabrics, but what a fun challenge!!
And a pretty cool way to use up some of that fabric in your scrap bins.

*The Following Colorways are not included with the free download at this time

Look at the Scrappy Fours redesigned…it takes on a whole new sophisticated look!

The scrappy four pattern redesigned, using the four patch block to create a diamond designe.

Here’s another fun colorway for the scrappy fours.
The scrappy fours done in neutrals perfect for a background to applique or pretty just as it is.
This would make a perfect background canvas for applique.

The four patch block is a good place to begin your quilting journey and explore how color plays an important part in quilt design.

This is one of the reasons why quilting inspires so much. You can take something as basic as a four patch block and create magic with it!

What inspires you about quilting?

Happy Quilting!


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