A Fit Quilter Workout Schedule

The fit quilter winter workout formula is designed with a focus on cardio but doesn’t ignore your six-pack or total body conditioning.

If you have a collection of workout DVD’s you can customize your workouts to fit your life.

My fit quilter Schedule

  • 2 whole body workouts that include strength, abs, and cardio
  • 1 workout that concentrates on abs (also has a bit of cardio)
  • 3 workouts that are full out cardio
  • 1 day of rest/stretch

Why I Love to Workout every day

  • It makes me more creative
  • which gives me lots of new quilting, music, and blogging ideas!

  • It energizes
  • Which gives me the motivation to work on those quilts, piano music, and blog posts

  • And puts in a great mood (most of the time – I’m human, I’m not perfect 🙂 )

This year I decided I wanted to start the year with Turbo Fire

The first time I did Turbo Fire I was 50, lost 10 pounds during the first round. That was 6 years ago and it’s still my favorite go-to cardio program.

What do I love about Turbo Fire?

  1. Upbeat and lively music
  2. Chalene Johnson motivates you throughout the workout
  3. There are enough routines that you won’t get bored
  4. I lost 10 pounds without changing up my diet that much.
    Although I did use recipes from the nutrition guide, honestly?
    I still drank my wine, ate my whole grain muffins, and ate bread and pasta!

What don’t I like?

  1. The strength training workouts.
  2. The schedule has you do a 30-minute strength training and a 30-minute cardio in one day.
  3. Call me lazy if you like, but if I don’t do those back to back, one won’t get done.
    And I have this psychological thing against putting that second disc in the player!

Decided I needed to create my own plan

One that will give me

  • plenty of cardio
  • – something I think is important in the winter months when I can’t get out as much.
    And I think it’s important for Quilters too. We tend to have to sit a lot while at the sewing machine!

  • A couple of days of Strength Training
  • a day focused on my abs
  • a rest or stretch day.
  • Has only a few days that are over 30 minutes

My fit quilter schedule

  • 2 whole body workouts that include strength abs and cardio
  • 1 workout that concentrates on abs (also has a bit of cardio)
  • 3 workouts that are full out cardio
  • 1 day of rest/stretch

The Workouts

  1. Turbo fire
  2. Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30
  3. Jillian Michaels Killer Abs
  4. Tai Chi

This is a formula to schedule workouts that fit your life, with the suggested workouts or use workouts from your own collection.   Get fit, Love Quilts, Love Life

Get the Fit Quilter Workout Calendar

The calendar includes ideas to customize your own schedule and more about each workout.

Get energized, Love Quilts, Be Fit, Love Life!

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