Frequently Asked Questions about Del~Lillian’s Quilt Shop

How are your quilts actually quilted?

My sewing machine is a basic home machine. My quilting style is free-form, meaning I don’t draw my design first.
I call it doodling on fabric.

How Long have you quilted?

I started quilting about 25 years ago. It was on and off for the first 15 or so years.

Do you design your own quilts?

Yes, all of the quilts in my shop are of my design.
Some of them are improv, others are designed in a program called Electric Quilt.

Do you sell patterns?

Yes, You’ll find a collection of my patterns on Craftsy and Connecting Threads.

Do you make custom pieces?

Absolutely! I love creating pieces especially for someone, whether it is a gift or for a client.