Create This Easy DIY Fall Centerpiece Today

Last weekend we celebrated not just one, but three birthdays.
This was a perfect excuse to create some fun table decor and this colorful fall centerpiece.

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This week I chose baskets and bowls for my containers and wanted a rustic comfortable look.

One that said, yes this is a special occasion but too fancy!

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The Table Decor this week includes a Floral Centerpiece, Candles floated in water in cereal bowls that match the dinnerware, and candles set on top of colorful corn.

The Ingredients for the Easy Fall Centerpiece

    1. Flowers

a bouquet of colorful flowers

    1. A basket
    2. A plastic container that fits inside and is about the same height
    3. Fabric long enough to wrap around the basket and wide to cut a few strips
    4. Hot glue and glue gun
    5. Parchment Paper

Materials needed to create the centerpiece

Make it:


  1. Tear a piece of fabric about 1 – 1 1/2″ wide and long enough to wrap around the basket
  2. Glue to top of basket, overlapping ends (cut excess)
  3. Pinch it up near the overlap and on the opposite side – glue in place
  4. Tear two more pieces of fabric the same width
  5. Make a loose knot in the fabric.
  6. Glue to basket over the overlapped part and on the other side – Where you pinched the fabric up.
  7. Place the container in the center of the basket
  8. Fill it halfway with water
  9. Arrange flowers in the container
  10. Tear pieces of parchment paper in rough squares of 4″ – 5″
  11. Pinch and gather the pieces and tuck them around the flowers. This will hide the top of the plastic container.

Easy Fall Centerpiece

Get The Full look with Candles

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I like to use tea lights instead of tapered candles

  • They can’t get knocked over
  • They add a simple bit of elegance

The Ingredients for the candle holders

  1. 2 Stoneware Cereal Bowls
  2. Water
  3. Flower Heads
  4. 2 Clear dishes or bowls (I used Pyrex 1 Cup storage bowls)
  5. 4 to 6 tea lights
  6. Colored Corn

Make 2 of each

    1. Fill the Cereal Bowls with water, several flower heads and a couple of tea lights
    2. Place on either side of the fall centerpiece

    1. Fill the clear bowls with colored corn with a tea light in the center

Corn Filled Tea light Fall able Decoration

Add a corn filled bowl, topped with a tea light on each end of a cool table runner – thus completing the look!

Happy Creating!
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