Are You Crazy? Don’t Throw It Out, Finish It!

You know I’m usually all about throwing out a project or giving it away, if you’re never going to finish it.

But there are always exceptions to every rule.

There are some UFO's you'd be crazy to throw out and not finish

And some projects that you’d be crazy to throw out!

Please, Finish It

This isn’t a Quilting Project – It’s Counted Cross Stitch.
A Hobby I haven’t pursued in at least 18 years!

I had all the supplies out on the table and took pictures of the embroidery floss so I could sell them or give them away

But looking at the picture of the Dog pulled at my heartstrings.

A little about the dog in the project

His name is Bert.
Bert was a good dog, in fact he was a dog like Shadow in Homeward Bound.
But we weren’t the best parents.
I’m ashamed of that fact, we were young and I didn’t want the dog in the living room and we had toddlers, so Bert spent a lot of time outside.
Until a neighbor stepped in.
If I could thank that man now I would, because of his intervention, Bert became a part of the family, like he always should have been.

The project is entitled “bert quilt”

This name leaves me to believe the I was planning to make a quilt from this.

Was I nuts?
Yes, I would have been.
Even if I used 1″ squares to create this it would be 96″ high and 110″ wide….um

That would have been kind of scary seeing our beloved dog, 8 feet high and a little over 9 feet wide, on a wall! Yikes!

Fortunately, I never traveled down that road and decided to do this as a counted cross stitch piece. Much more manageable, and easier to hang up:,
but I still didn’t finish it.

The question remains, why did I abandon the project?

Photo drafted in PCStitch 1998, time to finish it!
Besides the complexity of the piece, I think it was too soon after Bert passed away.
He did after all worm his way into our hearts.

So what’s the point of this story.

I was ready to sell or give away all of my cross stitching stuff.
But with Bert Staring back at me in that picture, I decided I’d try my hand at cross stitching…again.

Before I knew it I found myself happily counting and cross stitching away!

Taking a minute to take a stitch or two rekindled an interest and who knows?
That could turn into a passion

I’m not sure how the project will turn out in the end…
but I’ll be sharing the progress on Facebook as I go.

Hope you’ll be watching as I go along

Happy Creating
Next Friday we’ll continue with my Table Decorating Series

Adele, Blogging the Creative Life

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There are some UFO's you'd be crazy to throw out.  Some begged to be finished.  This it on of those that screamed finish it!


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