Does Your Quilt have to be Perfect?

Does Your Quilt HAVE to be Perfect?

I suppose the answer to that question lies in what you’re making the quilt for.
Contests and Selling your work – demand skilled work.
Otherwise? Does it demand perfection. I am answering that with a resounding NO.
I do believe that Perfection is Overrated.

Don’t use that as an excuse to be a sloppy or lazy quilter!

That isn’t what I’m talkin’ about.

I think most quilters strive for accuracy, and some unfortunately strive for perfection.

I don’t want to see the novice quilter give up fearing they might not measure up.

The first time you try quilting, it might not be perfect.

  • Your seams may not match
  • Your quilting may be awkward
  • It might have puckers or a few lumps and bumps

But it’s in those first attempts that you learn – It’s part of the journey and the process (enjoy!)

Don't focus on quilt perfection - instead enjoy the process and the journey. Skill and accuracy will be achieved. Click To Tweet

Perfection is overrated.

Perfection is also in the eyes of the beholder.

When your quilt doesn’t come out “perfect”.
What will you do? Hide it? Give up?

Would you hide your child’s drawings? My guess is that you’ll treasure them.

I hope you would do the same with your quilts.

Pictured below is an example of my first quilting attempt.
I didn’t use the “correct type of fabrics”.
The seams don’t all match and my hand quilting was very clumsy.

But…It was much loved.

Not a perfect quilt, but one that was loved. Perfection is overrated.
My First Quilting Project, for my son.

Your quilt may be keeping someone warm and cozy.
It may give your child a sense of security.

It doesn’t have to be perfect to do that.

The Ten Year Quilt

I love the quilt pictured below.

It is probably the most elaborate quilt I’ve ever made.

  • It has over 2,000 pieces that were hand appliqued.
  • It was hand quilted.
  • The layout, created as I went along.

It doesn’t meet the definition of perfection.

Hand Appliqued and Hand Quilted, this quilt was a labor of love. It isn't perfect - but perfection is over rated.
My 10 Year Quilt. Hand Appliqued and Hand Quilted. A labor of Love.

The Mitered borders aren’t quilt right. But you know what?

I adore this quilt and it is handled with love and care each day.

No, I don’t think your quilts need to be perfect to be beautiful.

I do believe, the more you venture into the ART of Quilting:

  • You will discover tools that will help you
  • Your accuracy will improve
  • You will challenge yourself with more complex and intricate projects (and they probably won’t won’t come out perfect the first time around)
  • When you stop stressing out over perfection – skill and accuracy will be achieved

My Humble advice to my fellow quilters 🙂

  • Aim for enjoyment.
  • Work on your skills
  • Perfection is overrated.
  • Do your best and forget the rest 🙂
  • Create with all your heart!
Quilts and quilting is a joy and a labor of love. Click To Tweet

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Does your quilt have to be perfect? Perfection is overrated.


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  1. Perfectionism. I must admit that I am a perfectionist. That being said, I do try to limit it to my show quilts. In starting my blog, I realized how much fun it is NOT to worry about being perfect and I’ve found it very freeing! Yup, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Unless it’s for show, but to be realistic, that’s a very small percentage of the quilts out there. My overall opinion is this: if you’re happy with what you’re doing, go for it! For in the end, that’s all that matters 🙂

    • Well said Suzy!

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