Do Quilted Mouse Pads Really Work?

Quilted Mug Mats or snack Mat can also be used as Mouse Pads –
But do they really work?
Quilted MUg Mats...they are the best mouse pads!  You have to give it a try.


These oversized coasters are full of personality and have tons of uses.

From the obvious mug mat to wall decor and yes mouse pads!

But I never thought of using them for a mouse pad until this year.

I was creating some mug mats out of a project that I didn’t quite turn out like I wanted.

(That’s the fun of doing some artsy improvkind of work, you can alter the direction you’re going anytime you want!)

Back to the mug mats that became Mouse Pads

I had one of the mats on my desk, there wasn’t much room and I was working on the PC. No mouse pad was nearby, so I figured I’d just use the mug mat that was sitting there.

It worked so splendidly that I kept that one for myself. (It has a pretty purple flower on it too, which is my favorite color)

So if you ever wondered what else you can use a mug mat for besides an oversized coaster.

Give it a try as a super cool, super sweet, very useful Mouse Pad!

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Oh Yes, Quiltted Mouse Pads work and they add a super cool, super sweat and personable touch to your desk.

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