For The Love Of Your Walls, Think Simple.

When you’re decorating your walls – Think Simple.

You’ll thank yourself when it comes time to clean.

Wall decor is what makes a house a home.


before you go putting up 700 pictures or decorative art on the wall.

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Consider how much time and effort you want to put into maintaining it!

It’s hard to resist hanging up those pictures and paintings


You’ll have to dust and clean all those frames. Each and every one.

To keep Large Walls Simple

A side note about collage frames, if you don’t like dusting, get the kind that the pictures are matted behind a piece of glass, with one single frame.

Something like this.

I had one that held 21 photos and at first, I thought it was great.

But to be honest?

It was a pain in the arse to clean up. It was like having 21 individual frames that collected dust.

Who wants to do all that work?

Not me either 🙂

Keeping your walls on the simple side will mean

  • a less cluttered look
  • and a whole lot easier to keep it clean!
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