A Creative Journey – One Step at a time

The Story Continues – One Step At A Time

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It was Now Spring of 2014
Spring One Step at a Time
I was pretty much ignoring my Shop on Etsy.

I didn’t have enough spare time to create anything new, which created a vicious circle of frustration.

My choice was to pretty much hide behind learning about the Beachbody Biz. I was gonna hit it big, I had lots of plans and dreams. They weren’t realistic but I kept pushing forward one step at a time, one day at a time. Something’s gotta work right?

and the Mantra was “Never Give Up”

one step at a time Never Give Up
So I wasn’t going to give up.

I took a classes

  • one in Nutrition – which furthered my journey into organic foods and healthy eating, but didn’t really help the fitness business
  • The next one was for Instragram

I knew I was doing way to many things after we had a couple of messed up weekend trips.

Life needs Balance.

One step at a time – One Day at a time

That was when I decided to give my notice at my part time job.
It may have looked foolish and perhaps some would suggest that I should have given up the other pursuits.

I believe that no matter what I had chosen then, I would be where I am right now.

Writing my story 🙂

How this website came about

At this point I had no website for Del~Lillian’s. I had a website called Bungalow 62 that I used as a testing ground and then there was the Business Website that was part of Beachbody.

I disliked the Team Beachbody Website.

There was no way to differentiate yourself from any other coach. And those cookie cutter sites couldn’t reflect who I am.

That is how AdeleMogavero.com came to be. I never planned on setting up a website under my own name. I liked the anonymity of hiding behind the DelLillians.

Putting me and my name out there, well it scared the bejeebers out of me.

I did it anyway.

And like I said last week if the part time job was perfect, I wouldn’t have left.

(But I’d still be here right now anyway! 🙂 )

But it’s okay to leave and move on, sometimes it’s good too.
Lessons learned stay with you. It’s called Failing Forward. (good book give it a read)

AdeleMogavero.com was going to focus on Fitness, Motivation, and Creative Inspiration.
Although I did have links to Del~Lillian’s on Etsy and My Craftsy Pattern Shop, I didn’t intend to go all out on quilting.

The Summer Months Rolled by – I was still working the part time job, still ignoring Etsy, and still going nowhere with my Fitness Business.

When I felt my social media message wasn’t being heard

You know what I did?

I set up another Facebook page under my name.
I ended up with 15 friends liking that page. I unpublished it.

Facebook Banner -
It wasn’t the social media platform or business page that was problem it was the message.
Another lesson learned

So Now What?

I wasn’t selling anything at all – no quilts – no beachbody stuff either.
and my job is soon coming to an end.

I still had my mad dream that this is all going to work and I was going to be an awesome Beachbody Coach… LOL
One Step at a time – One Day at a time
See you next week!

Live, Love, Laugh, Learn and Create it!

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