A Creative Entrepreneur’s Journey.

The thing is, I really like working for myself and I gravitate towards the creative side.

A Creative Entrepreneur’s Journey was inevitable.

A Creative Entrepreur's Journey
I think deep down I always wanted to be a shop owner. Etsy made that possible. Click To Tweet
The beginning of the story.
The Beginning – A Creative Journey ~Part 1
My Story Where I went ~ Part 2
Twists and Turns ~ Part 3
One Day at a Time, One Step at a time~Part 4
Moving Forward~Part 5

The story continues

It’s now 2015 the holiday’s are behind us and it’s time to dig into my business.
Which was again focused on my Etsy Shop.

I finally got the courage to sell worldwide. Oh I was so excited about that! It made me feel like – I had REAL shop! not just a little idea that I was toying with or just testing, Del~Lillian’s became real at that moment.

Looking back I don’t know what really freaked me out about Selling Worldwide! I may not sell a ton on Etsy, but selling world wide has helped. (So if you happen to have an Etsy Shop and you haven’t jumped into worldwide selling, I strongly recommend that you do.)

I also created Free Instant Downloads to grow my email list. All of these earlier pattern downloads were done using instapage. (Which if I had the bucks, I would still be using) Some of these campaigns were more successful than others. With each freemium I created, I learned something new.

and there was the website.
all the fun coding in the world doesn’t make a website worth visiting.

You GOTTA have content. You gotta write stuff. You have to have somthin’ to write about.
When you have a website you gotta have good content and somethin' to write about. Click To Tweet
If you’ve followed me long enough you might know I listen to Darren Hardy every morning.

One snowy morning, the daily mentoring advice was to ask “Ask and you shall receive” What’s the worse that can happen? The answer might be no, no big deal your not any further behind.
The answer might be a yes and well that’s cool.

This also brought me back to me craft designing roots. Light Bulb! Back then I requested products to use in my designs. When the design was published, the product used, was mentioned. it was a win win situation.

So Ask I did –
Ask & You shall receive, the answer might be no or it could be yes - and that's cool. Click To Tweet

I contacted manufacturers of quilting fabrics and supplies. Some didn’t reply and others were totally awesome.

Like PB Textiles, Quilter’s Dream Batting, and Auriful Threads, and just recently Timeless Treasures (I have some fun summer projects planned with those fabrics!)

You may also have noticed that I am an Island Batik Ambassador.

Well what about that?

I had applied to be an ambassador in the end of 2014, I hadn’t heard anything and assumed I hadn’t been accepted. (Which shows I am not as patient as people think! 🙂 )

After receiving a generous supply of fabric from P&B Textiles
I got the news that I was accepted in the Island Batik Ambassador Program


and then I had quilting/shop owner burn out – totally.

By March 2015

  • I closed my shop.
  • I was also seriously considering not accepting the Ambassador role and sending back all the luscious fabrics.
  • Island Batik Fabrics
    Island Batik Fabrics
  • I vacationed my FaceBook Account – no one really noticed. Which was sad, yet freeing at the same time.
  • And then I did what any sensible creative person would do. I played my piano and I quilted 🙂

I made my first quilt for P&B Textiles, sharing the progress on Instagram.

Panoramic Art Deco Quilt
Panoramic Art Deco Quilt

But I did need to start writing about it on my blog.
and it did come time to return to facebook.
And I also decided to continue the journey with Island Batik – (which was a wonderful choice)
It is because of Island Batik that many of you are following me now.

I was making lots of quilts again.

And the question returned.
What am I going to do with all the quilts?

  • I can’t hang them all in my house (well I suppose I could, if I wanted my house to look like a quilt shop or padded cell!)
  • I could give them away. But I’m not made of money.
    • Quilts do cost money to make.
    • Quilts do take precious time to make.
  • If I want to indulge in quilt making at this level. Quilt making needs to earn it’s keep.

With careful consideration I decided to reopen my Etsy Shop

So On June 13th. I shared the news of Facebook.

I spent the summer working on Island Batik Projects, I started a quilt along, and added new items to Del~Lillian’s ~ Colorful, Modern, Contemporary Fiber Art

Summer was coming to an end. My Etsy Sales were flat and I was once again overwhelmed!

And I decided to …

Adele, Creative Domestic Engineer

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A Creative Entrpreneurial Journey
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