Creating A Bountiful Table With Joy and Gratitude

Autumn is the perfect time to create a bountiful table of joy and gratitude

Autumn, It isn’t my favorite time of year (I’m a summer weather kinda girl)…
Yet there is something about it that I do love.
Creating a Bountiful TAble with joy and gratitude
It’s the time of year that the weather brings us indoors and it’s perfect for
dinners of delicious food and good company.

It’s also a good excuse to dress up the table.

I like to mix up the formal with the casual

The Formal

  • Wine glasses
  • Folded Cloth Napkins
  • layered plates

The Casual

  • A casserole made with our Garden Harvest and Homemade Italian Sausage
  • A Loaf Sour Dough Rye Bread, on a wood cutting board
  • Simple treats for dessert, apples and homemade cookies
  • The curvy modern table runner
  • I think we can add the “wrinkled” table-cloth into the casual department…LOL!

About the Table Runner

The Table Runner is a re-make of the Modern Table Runner I made a few months ago.

The Table Runner, A Bountiful Table Topper
I love how the style looks, meandering across the table in a casual, artsy way.

Table Toppers add a cozy spark to the table
Table toppers, whether it is a placemat, a topper or a runner adds a cozy spark to the table Click To Tweet and Depending on the style – it’s formal or fun and casual.

About the Food!


  • We Gathered the veggies from our garden and turned into a roasted vegetable casserole
  • The Bountiful Harvest Caserole

  • The Bread is a Sour Dough Rye recipe adapted from King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking
  • sour dough bread, a bountiful Table

  • The Cookies are a recipe I am creating :). These came out a bit thinner than I would like but still make a yummy treat!
  • The Cookies a simply bountiful treat

The Other

All of these things are perfect for creating a bountiful table full of Joy and gratitude…

And I am grateful
The time to quilt…to bake…and to create

I know it’s not Thanksgiving, but really shouldn’t everyday be a day of thanks?

I’m most appreciative and thankful for the folks at Island Batik, Superior Threads and Quilter’s Dream Batting for supplying the wonderful products for this projects.

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Create a Bountiful Table with Joy and Gratitude


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