Create A Stylish Purse That’s Wearable Art

This is step two of creating your one of a kind fabric purse – a piece of wearable art.

This step is all about slicing and dicing your base fabric.

This is what you’ll need today:

  • Fabric Strips, 1” – 1 1/2” wide, in varying lengths, longer is better.
  • They can be contrasting colors or blenders.
    They can be anything your heart desires.
    This is about having fun, being daring and letting go and breaking a few Quilting rules. 🙂

  • Rotary cutter
  • Ruler
  • Mat
  • Scissors

And of course your fearless spontaneity

What we are going to do is make diagonal slices – one or two at a time across the base fabric you created last time.

This will create jagged edges and is the reason I always make oversized fabric pieces.

Let’s create some wearable art!

Place your fabric base on top of your mat, right side up.
Make a diagonal slice. Any angle you want.
before we sew a strip to this, let’s make another diagonal slice on the left piece.
Wearable Art Part 2: Cut diagonal slices through the base fabric

I call these Complex Cuts

Now sew a strip of fabric between the SECOND cut. The shorter one,

Trim the diagonal edge so it’s even.

trim the edge even before sewing on the next strip
Next, sew a strip of fabric to between your FIRST cut.
The base fabric with two strips of fabric added

Continue in this way cutting on the diagonal and sewing strips of fabric between.

messy but this is it sliced and diced and ready for the next step

Looks pretty ugly right now…but it’s okay
It’ll turn into a wearable piece of art when it’s done!
the messy backing will become a beautiful wearable piece of art

The next step will add lots of pop and pizzazz

Happy slicing and dicing!

Adele, Blogging the Creative Life

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Create your own unique and modern stylish purse.  Worthy to be called Wearable Art.  The process is fun  and the technique is simple.

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Create A Stylish Purse That's Wearable Art
Continuing with the Artful Purse Series...This is step two of creating your one of a kind fabric purse - a piece of wearable art. This step will have you doing a bit of wild slicing and dicing
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