Making Your Crazy Cool Clutch Purse

It’s time to turn that quilted fabric into a Crazy Cool Clutch Purse!

This is step 5 in a series of posts that show you how to make a Del~Lillian Style purse.

There’s a lot of steps to get to this point, I think you’ll agree it’s well worth the effort when you’re done.

Let’s get started Making Your Crazy Cool Clutch Purse

Your Materials List


Cutting the quilted fabric for your crazy cool clutch purse
From the quilted fabric

  • 2 pieces 10-1/2” x 6-1/2” for front and back
  • 1 piece 10-1/2” X 5-1/2” for the flap

Tip >>> You can cut your pieces from any part of your quilted fabric, picking a choosing the parts you like best or cut them all side BY side (if the fabric allows), and they will all flow through the purse.

From lining/pocket fabric

  • 2 pieces 10-1/2” x 6-1/2” for front and back*
  • 1 piece 10-1/2” X 5-1/2” for flap.
  • 2 pieces 7” X 5-1/2” for slip pocket*

From Interfacing

  • 1 piece 6” X 5-1/2” for slip pocket*

*These pieces are for in a later post

Clutch Purse Assembly

crazy cool purse front/back
Use 1/4” seams and stitch your pieces with right sides together

  • Sew the outside (quilted fabric) front and back together, pivot stitching at each corner and, leave one long side open for turning.
  • Clip corners, turn right side out and set aside.

Shape the Flap

  • To make the curved shape of the flap, use the plastic lid as a guide, place the lid on the wrong side of flap lining.

  • Trace the curve with a pencil. Repeat on the other side.
  • Use the flap lining as your “pattern” and follow the curves on the quilted fabric too.
  • With right sides together sew flap lining to quilted fabric flap, along sides, curved corners and bottom. leave the top open for turning.
  • Turn right side out. Press. Top stitch 1/4” away from seam
  • Snap Closure

    (I’ll be using different samples to show the process in the following steps)
    This is the way I do my snap closures to find the best placement – It isn’t scientific but it seems to work out 🙂

    • Find the center of the flap lining, and measure up 1 1/4”. Do this on the quilted fabric top – don’t worry it won’t show later.
    • Use the washer to mark placement.
    • Use washer to mark position of snap closure

    • Mark the center with a pencil, press a small square of interfacing over that. Put the washer back one top, aligning the center hole with the mark you made. You should be able to see it through your interfacing.
      The interfacing will add a bit of extra durability
    • Use interfacing to add more durability

    • Now mark the two straight lines. This is where the prongs will go be inserted.
    • Use a seam ripper and make tiny slits along the marks you made, just big enough for the prongs to fit through.
    • From the Back Side, push the prongs of the male side of the snap closure the holes.
    • Insert prongs through the slit

    • Thread the washer through the prongs, and hammer the prongs over them as shown

    thread washer over prongs and bend back with a hammer

    Now to figure out where to place the snap on the bag front

    Maybe it’s easier to do this before the back and front are sewn together…
    But this is what I did, so I’m going to show you that.

    • Find the center of the bag front – mark with a pin
    • Pin the straight edge of the front flap to the top of the purse back, with edges even, using a 1/4″, seam baste in place.
    • Fold it over as if closing the bag and eye where the snap will fall when it’s folded over to the front
    • Keep in mind that you’ll need to compensate for the flap going over the top of the bag and the bag having stuff in it.

    • Once you’re satisfied with the placement; follow the same steps as the female side of the snap. This time the snap part will be on the outside of the bag and the prongs on the inside
    • .

    Wow – that was a ton to cover today.

    Next up: The slip pocket and add a few other fun doodads 🙂

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    This is step 5 of how to make a Crazy cool Art  Purse Del~Lillilan style.  Today we begin the assembly and add a snap closure to the bag.


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