When Your Confidence Starts Slipping Away

What do you do when the confidence you had at 2 AM isn’t there when you need it?

I’m learning it’s super easy to be confident at 2 AM when the likely hood that I will actually act upon my actions is slim.

When I get up and start my day, I’m still all revved up to put these newfound ideas into practice.

I’ll create that class or group. Make that phone call…
What do you do when your confidence starts slipping away?

But first

I have to workout.

During my workout – it’s super easy to be confident. After all, when you’re in the middle of a kick-ass workout – the creative juices are flowing and you feel like you can move mountains! Heck even after a 10-minute cardio workout with Tony Horton you’re feeling pretty damn good!

Next on my agenda

Piano practice, it’s important to my well-being and one of my goals this year is to “master the art of live performances”, aka: get out there and play the piano in front of people again.

I haven’t in awhile and now I’m freaked out every time I do a recital.

Back to my 2 AM plans

They’re still waiting on the sidelines.

That’s when procrastination in the guise of “work” really sets in.

I do have that purse to list in the shop, and the pattern to finish writing.
A little distraction adds fuel to the fire…oh look at that quilt I started last month…I should work on that.
And what about the blog post?

And so it goes.

By 2 PM, all that courageous confidence I woke up with is replaced with second-guessing.

When you feel your confidence to start to slip away

Question yourself.
Are you procrastinating out of fear of the unknown, or procrastinating because you REALLY do need more information before you plunge ahead?

You need to know when you are more likely to plunge ahead.

For me to act on my awesome new plans I need to act early in the day.

I tell you this because I think it’s important to know yourself.

Just some thoughts on life today 🙂

PS. Haven’t forgotten or abandoned the Purse Project

PSS. I’m doing a tad bit more research before I plunge into my endeavor, today I learned what I thought was a free service is not. So it’s two steps forward one step back. But each time I pursue my little project, I learn something new.
And that ain’t too bad, is it?

Adele, Blogging the Creative Life

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Have you ever woke in the middle of the night with a great idea and lots of confidence, but during the day the confidence to actually go through with it just slips away...


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