Choosing Colors for Your Next Quilt

Recently I went to a meeting where the speaker explained color theory and How to pick out colors for quilts.


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The worst part of this whole experience was the quilter sitting across the table from me who

at the end mumbled something like

I thought I knew what I was doing, in fact, prided myself on my color choices. Now I’m not so sure…

That just made me sad (and kinda mad)

I hope you never feel like that.

Picking the perfect colors

Is there really a perfect color combination?

What I like you might not. What you like may turn me off.

The problem with classes and books and all that jazz about “how to pick colors for the quilt” is they create more doubt in your ability then they create confidence.

I want you to feel confident when you’re buying those gorgeous fabrics.

Here are a few ideas to help.

Colors go with colors – If you want inspiration just look outside at your flower garden or that favorite dress in the closet.

Dark makes brights stand out whites make dark pop out.

There is one thing you have that will help you through the process…
Your instinct.
It’s gonna tell you if those colors are looking good or not.

The bottom line is.

Do you like it?

Does it make you feel good?

I get it, picking out colors can be an overwhelming task when youre creating a quilt.

But it’s really nothing to be afraid of or worried about.

Sure read a book about it, learn about color theory.

But at the end of the day?
Don’t get too worked up about choosing colors.

Go Forth and be Bold

Have fun

and enjoy your quilting adventure.

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