Bread Baking and More With Sourdough

Bread Baking and more with sour dough – a book review (Part 1)

I love bread baking and sour doughs. This book grabbed my attention because it uses sour dough for not just breads, but also for sweets and savories.

The book: Sour Dough Recipes for Rustic Fermented Breads, Sweets, Savories and more (by Sarah Owens)

Bread Baking and More with Sourdough, part 1 of a series reviewing the sourdough cookbook by Sarah Owens

My only hesitation in the book is the “bread science”
I have heard and read of baker’s math but I’ve never used it.

I’ve been baking bread since I was a kid. I learned standing on a chair at the counter and baking with my mom.

I did what she did and made an awesome loaf of rye bread (at least that’s what everyone tells me)

I’ve been a bread baker ever since.

Measuring ingredients with a scale goes against my grain. But the recipes in this book are so intriguing that I have to try them.

The first step in the process is making yeast water, this takes 7 days!

It’s a totally new concept and the recipe in the book has white sugar in the ingredients. Something I try to avoid,
But for this bread baking adventure I thought it important to follow the plan – there will be plenty of time to deviate from it later (and of course I will 🙂 )

About the Book

The book has four different recipe sections

  • Autumn Harvest
  • Winter Dormancy
  • Spring Rebirth
  • Summer

Each section has recipes for breads, sweets, and savories.

I’m not sure where to start!

On the top of my list are: Pane di farro, Roasted Vegetable Casserole, and a banana Marble Cake.
But I’m also interested in trying:
Drunken fig bread, Butternut Squash and Cherry bread…

Well I have several days before I must choose, (but I’m leaning towards the Pane Di Farro Bread for the first experiment!)

I’m also starting a new batch of my own starter – water, whole wheat flour and a touch of honey. I’ll see if I can catch a wild yeast again (lost my last one :()

Stick around over the year and see what comes of all this yummyiness

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Bread baking & more with Sourdough, this is the beginning of series using recipes from Sarah Owens Sourdough cookbook.


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  2. I tried making a sour dough starter. It started out okay, but something went wrong and my bread didn’t rise. I’m looking forward to your review and comments on how your bread turns out.

    • Becky, Sourdough can be tricky – I’ve had breads turn out beautiful one time and at others come out like a brick. I turn the bricks into breadcrumbs. No matter what you’ll always learn something from the experience. 🙂

  3. My husband loves sourdough bread, and I’ve been getting an itch to try my own this year – I’m interested to hear more!

    • Sourdough bread baking is an adventure. I am a bit addicted to it. I’m looking forward to sharing what I already know and what I learn!

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