Blogging Everyday Is A Stupid Idea!

Do you really think you should be blogging daily?

What’s the point?

Is there any point to what you or I am doing?

As I ponder this question

These thoughts are running through my mind…

I should Blog every day!

Motivation Monday!
Quilt Block Saturday!
Fitness Friday
Baking and Recipe Tuesday!
DIY Wednesday!

I already know that I can’t blog every day.

Blogging every day is a stupid idea – I don’t even know that it REALLY helps people find your website.

Yet, I still consider it.

This was my blogging experience.

I was blogging three days a week for two months.

One day I stared at the computer wondering why on earth am I doing this?

To what end?

  • Were more people finding me? Not really.
  • Did more people follow me? Nope
  • Were there more people engaging in the content? Not so much.
  • Was Del~Lillian’s doing better? Nope, can’t say my business benefited at all

Blogging takes time

It takes time away from everything else.

For me?

Blogging takes time away from my piano, quilting, baking and creating.

But,I need to quilt, bake, and create to have something to blog about.

On the other hand when I do…

those things take away from my blogging.

I’m just one lady with a lot of interests!

I need to balance them in a way that doesn’t overwhelm me.

I don’t like waking up thinking
There is just too much to do!! So I’m just not doing anything.

That’s how I felt this morning with

  • a Facebook group in the beginning days of the Purpose Driven Life,
  • a Custom Project to do…
  • blog posts to write
  • and dozens of ideas swimming around in my head

I didn’t know where to turn.

So today I decided to write – I blog

And what is the point?

I have stuff I want to share.

Is it Earth-shattering stuff? Probably not.

Is it what you need to hear or learn? I hope so.

It could be the day you need:

  • a new workout routine.
  • to learn about an awesome book like The 5 Second Rule
  • a simple Smoothie recipe for tomorrow morning.
  • to learn how to make a snazzy purse
  • to buy something unique for a friend’s birthday.Today I have something to say.

    and tomorrow? Who Knows?

    Tomorrow is a blank page with new opportunities.

    Let’s just enjoy today!

    Happy Blogging 🙂

    Adele, Blogging the Creative Life

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