Baking Tools You Don’t need to Buy

There are cooking gadgets and baking tools that are awesome!
and then
There are the “awesome” kitchen and baking tools that end up in some dark corner of your kitchen.
baking tools and kitchen gadgets you really don't need to buy

  • Never to be seen again. seen
  • Never used
  • and of course taking up precious space!
  • These are some “awesome” baking tools and kitchen gadgets I’ve purchased.

    Things you don’t need to waste your hard-earned money on.

    1. A special dish to cook scones
      A baking Dish to make scones, a kitchen gadget that isn't needed/
      Pretty yes. Necessary? No.
      You can shape your scones by hand.
      It’s actually easier.
      I’ve used mine once.
    2. A Biscotti Pan.

      Um, kinda like the scones.
      biscotti (twice baked cookies) are easily shaped by hand.
      No pan is necessary to make to shape the cookie.
      I use my biscotti pan for excess silverware in it.

    3. A special dough whisk

      Baking Tools You Don't Need!

      I use mine because I have it, but a fork or spoon works just as well.
      And they can go right in the dishwasher.
      The whisk needs hand washing.

    4. A pastry knife
      I used to own one, it broke. Now I just use a fork to mix my butter and flour together for my pastry.
    5. Breading Prep Trays
      Bakin' Tools and Kitchen Gadgets you Don't Need!
      It sounds like a great idea, they link together – so you’ll have less mess.
      It kinda works, but I’m telling you three shallow bowls like these work just as well.
      And you can use those bowls for all sorts of other things too!
    6. The Kitchen Sink organizer
    7. This gadget looked like it would be handy. – It promised to keep the dish detergent, sponges, etc… all in one neat space.
      Problem was, it wasn’t big enough for a bottle of dish detergent, it got super gross looking very fast, it fell over.
      It just got in the way.
      That went in the trash.

    As for the magic faucet?

    You know the “no touch” faucets? Just a wave of the hand and the water comes on.
    I’m still debating the value of our magic faucet! 🙂
    It’s not necessary
    But sometimes it’s useful.
    Sometimes it’s just a pain
    More on that in another post!

    Of course, all of this is subject to my opinion
    , these gadgets might be some of your favorites! But I bet you have a baking tool or two that sounded great but . . .

    Share your “Awesome Kitchen Tools” that you don’t use, in the comments below. 🙂

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    Baking tools and Kitchen Gadget you don’t need to buy. Save your money! These are a few things I’ve bought along the way. Not as awesome as they looked to be!


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    1. Great list. I haven’t baked in a while so can’t think of anything EXCEPT there is a cabinet full of kstuff I rarely use.

      • Thanks Barbara! It’s funny how kitchen gadgets seem to multiply and hide out isn’t it? Thanks for dropping in!

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