At last the Art Deco Quilt is almost complete!

The Art Deco quilt is almost complete!


The Stuff You’ll need

It’s everything that I use from the design stage – to finishing the quilt.

  1. Graph paper
  2. pencils
  3. your wonderful imagination
  4. Electric Quilt computer program – very helpful, not necessary for every quilt
  5. Fabric: Suede Medley Collection by P&B Textiles
  6. Batting: Quilters Dream Cotton
  7. Backing: Cotton natural Muslin
  8. Fusible webbing
  9. Quilting Threads
  10. Measuring and cutting tools
  11. and of course a sewing machine

This Art Deco Quilt started out as a quick doodle on graph paper

a quick sketch begins the process
Doodles are great inspiration for creative projects.... Click To Tweet

I save my doodles in a file.

When I’m stuck for ideas looking through my doodle file is my go-to place for inspiration.

The next step I took with this design was to “map” out the details in program called Electric Quilt 7

Using EQ for the Art Deco quilt was helped to see how the gray bars would look.

It also let me tweak the design a bit before even cutting up a piece of fabric.
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With the design planned…

The fabrics were carefully cut and assembled.


This quilt was designed with the idea of one “picture”- separated into 3 panels, like a Panoramic Photo

It is a simple modern look that can be done in lots of different ways.

Tiger Lily Panoramic wall Hanging
Tiger Lily Panoramic wall Hanging

Back to the Three-panel quilt, because now it is time to embellish it with the Circles Appliques.

I love adding circles to my quilts; they add a nice balance to the angular shapes.

Contemporary Art Deco Quilt
A Del~Lillian Original Abstract Art Quilt.

To create the Panoramic Art Deco Quilt

Positioning the Appliques

Positioning the Appliques for final placement
  1. I placed the quilt on my design board with 1 1/2″ spaces between
  2. positioned my appliques in place, some crossing the span between
  3. Once the appliques are position where I want them
    I marked and cut away the fabric that fell in between, and fused pieces in place
  4. Fabric that spanned the space is trimmed away
    Fabric that spanned the space is trimmed away
  5. With the circles fused in place, I choose to applique them with a narrow satin stitch, in neutral color

Excuse the threads 🙂 – It all gets tidied up!

Appliques Stitched in Place
The Appliques are stitched in place with a narrow satin Stitch

Next up….
Trim it up, Layer it, Baste it, quilt it, hang it 🙂

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