Hi there!

I’m Adele, the creative lady behind Del~Lillian’s

I live in small New England town with a beautiful countryside, which is a beautiful source of inspiration

It all began with creating funky little placemats for the dining table. I called these “off the wall quilts”
This brought the family together and sparked a lot of interesting conversation.

Off The Wall Quilted Placemats

Those funky little placemats were the vision for my shop.

Although you’ll find some traditional pieces, my crazy little quilts are my favorite ones to create.

You’ll find this style in my table decor, wall art, and purses.

My mission is to create beautiful items that will help you create a beautiful home for your family and a place your friends will enjoy visiting.

My purses and handbags? They’ll help you keep everything together in style.

I hope you’ll enjoy the creations I have for you in my shop.


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