Fiber Artist, Designer, and Author
Creativity can come in all sorts of ways

Arts & Crafts, baking & Cooking, home decor, music and writing.
All of these things are part of my life and Create it.

and it never goes out of style 🙂

I enjoy creating and designing unique home decor items that I feature in my Etsy shop. I also create patterns for sale they are available at Craftsy My work as craft designer has been featured in several leading craft magazines.

Crocheting was my first craft passion, although I received a sewing machine at a young age, quilting was not even a thought, the truth is I disliked quilts.

As a young mom, I subscribed to a magazine called Annie’s Pattern Club and they were looking for designers. That’s when I decided to try my hand at designing a crocheted toy car for my sons. To my elation, that project (the first I ever submitted) was purchased, and so began my career as a “Craft Designer”.

Toy Car Crochet
My First Published Crochet Design. Toy Car

My craft patterns have been published in a variety of craft magazines and publication. These projects included crocheting, plastic canvas, and basic craft designs.
Some of them are available on the web for free,
like this Christmas Project in Plastic Canvas.

Plastic Canvas Design By Adele Mogavero
Published in Plastic Canvas World

Along the way I discovered quilting and fell in love.

a delLillian art quilt
a delLillian art quilt

I enjoy making quilts that are unique and a little crazy sometimes.
Many of my designs are created spontaneously.
Some are designed with on a computer.
Some begin as doodles.

My hope is that this website will offer you creative inspiration and tools to help you in your creative journey.

PS. I’m also a bit of a techie geek 🙂

Live~Love~Laugh~Learn and Create it!

and then there is the bread!

Homemade Bread
Homemade Bread

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