Wild Yeast Sour Dough, The Agony of Defeat

Day 1, Will it be triumph or Defeat?

When my Wild Yeast Starter was beginning to navigate to the back of the fridge,
I decided it was time to use it, before I lose it again.

So began a new experiment and a story of Defeat 🙁

Wild Yeast Sourdough...the agony of defeat

I pulled out the starter and stirred,
it did have a slight vinegar smell but, as I stirred it, I thought it was okay.

I made my sponge with rye, wheat, and white flour.

Wild Yeast Starter The Agony of Defeat
As it did its thing I kept on eye on it.

I wasn’t sure if the starter had enough life…

It had some life, but was it enough to create a nice loaf or two of bread?

After a few hours, I decided, it did indeed have enough life to continue on.

But it was missing that wonderful aroma that a sourdough should have.

I couldn’t place my finger on it.

Day 2, Wild Yeast Sour Dough, The Agony of Defeat

Sour Dough Bread Rising, The Agony of Defeat

Today I continued the madness, every hopeful it would turn out tasty.

I tasted the dough at each step. Not quite convinced it was going to be tasty, but I wasn’t willing to give up.

The breads were rising nicely and looking like they just might turn out swell…

Sour Dough Loaves Ready to go in the oven

But when it was cooking, it wasn’t filling the house with yumminess.

I still held out hope

Out of the oven they came…They looked delicious!

They smelled good, had that wonderful rye aroma, I couldn’t wait for the taste test…

Cutting the bread was like trying to cut through a brick.

The loaves as light as a feather, the crust like a protective shell

The first taste was….yes good…

but alas.

When my taste buds got the full flavor it was a mighty disappointment.

So Disappointed I didn’t even snap a photo of my finished loaves.

The after taste didn’t have me running back for more!!!

To the compost it went, to the earth, to the wildlife.

And the starter?

I couldn’t quite bear to part with it completely, so I tried to sweeten it up, dumping all but a cup and feeding that with straight white flour.

Day 3, The Agony of Defeat

The starter has had time to bubble and grow.
But still has an off smell.

This starter needed to go.

For the next few months I’ll continue to play with my starter made from Sarah Owens book Sourdough: Recipes for Rustic Fermented Breads, Sweets, Savories, and More

Later in the season, when spring and new life is in the air, I’ll make another wild yeast starter.

Maybe that one will give me “The Thrill of Victory”

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Wild Yeast Sour Dough, sometimes it doesn't always work out, sometimes you have to let it go.  But even with the agony of defeat, tomorrow is another day to try again.


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