A Contemporary Quilted Table Runner with Abstract Backing

With the Abstract backing completed. It’s time to show you the front of this Contemporary Quilted Table Runner
Contemporary Table Runner Front with Abstract Pieced Backing
Oh, and just so you know…
I made the front after I made the back 🙂
But I knew I was going to make another Modern Taper Table Runner.

I love the way they look and play on the table.
This is isn't about precise piecing, It's going to look cool, no matter your sewing skills Click To Tweet
The first runner I made like this I created with a neutral background and two different fabrics for the wedges and a two toned binding.

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To make This Version I:

  • used a stack of Island Batik Fabrics to Create my New Modern Tapers Table Runner.
  • separated the stack into like colors
  • Contermporary Table Runner, Stacks of Fabric are separated into like colos and cut into rectangels and wedges

  • cut the green tones into the rectangles
  • cut the blues/purples tones into wedges.

This is a project that isn’t about precise piecing, it’s about exercising your creativity… (and I’m all for that!)

Although it isn’t about perfect piecing – it is a great time to work on your sewing skills
Without the pressure.

It’s going to look cool, even if your seams aren’t perfect.

This is a super fun and easy table runner to create.

a side note…
I was all ready to layer my quilt and discovered my backing wasn’t long enough!
I decided to simply add a strip of fabric to each end of the backing.
After the machine quilting was complete, I cut the edges along the curve of the design.
Contermporary Table Runner with Abstract Pieced backing

All I need to do is finish it up with binding!

The pattern for the original Modern Tapers Runner available in my Pattern Shop
It will be available for $1.79 for a limited time and your purchase will include future updates.

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