9 Baking Tools & Kitchen Gadgets That You’ll Love

There are a few baking and kitchen gadgets that will definitely make cooking a breeze.

You know that I will usually tell you that you don’t NEED a lot of tools or kitchen gadgets to bake with


But there are some really cool things that will make baking a lot easier, a little less messy, and lots of fun.

Baking Tools & Kitchen Gadgets that you’ll love!

  1. A Kitchen aid Stand Mixer – I’ve had this baby for 33 years and it’s still going. I use it to make everything from cookies to breads. Whip Cream and mashing potatoes. Although I often will knead my bread by hand, the kitchen aid is a handy-dandy tool to have, make bread baking a simpler matter when it comes to kneading.
  2. A Good Quality Blender – I like the Vitamix, we use this for smoothies, chopping onions, nuts, etc… But I like it best for grinding my organic Whole Wheat and other grains.
  3. A Pizza Stone – The first time I had a pizza peel I hated it. But now I can’t imagine not owning one. It isn’t just for pizza either. The pizza stone is perfect for making artisan breads, pita breads, flat bread…well just about any bread you can slide off the pizza peel. I keep mine in the oven all the time.
  4. If you’re using the Pizza Stone, a Pizza Peel is it’s sidekick!
  5. Parchment Paper – Since we are talking about that pizza peel, parchment paper will be your best friend. Let your breads rise on the parchment paper covered pizza peel and slide it right on that hot stone. Nice and clean.

    Cornmeal is another options sliding breads and pizzas off the peel, It adds a little extra texture and sometimes that’s a nice change. Just dust the peel with a generous amount of cornmeal and those pizzas and breads will slide off. It’s just a little messier.

  6. French Bread Pan – I love these loaf pans for french bread and baguettes. They help keep the shape of the bread and look real perty when they’re baked.
  7. A Bench Knife – great for cutting dough into portions before shaping. And works wonders to clean up the mess that flour and kneading can create.
  8. Mason jars or a Sour Dough Crock – I love a nice sour dough crock; it just looks really nice – but mason jars will also do the trick. Plus they’re great for storing stuff in the fridge, and you can use them as a liquid measuring cup.
  9. Kaiser Roll Press – a must for that swirl on top of the roll.

What are your favorite baking tools?
Share in the comments below.

The little extras

  1. Parchment Paper*
  2. Bench Knife*
  3. Mason Jars*
  4. Kaiser Roll Press*
  5. Sour Dough Crock

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