8 Solutions and Ideas For Your Small Quilting Studio

Working in the Small Quilting Studio Can be a Challenge

A small quilting studio is a challenge to work in.
solutions and ideas for the small quilting studion
But with some creative solutions you can make it happen.

These are 8 solutions I came up with to keep the “mess of quilting” contained and organized.

  1. The first thing I did ? Discard those fabric “scraps” that I knew Deep down inside I was never, ever, going to use.
  2. With those out-of-the-way Fabric Storage was a bit easier to handle.

    I am blessed or cursed depending on how you look at it with a huge closet in this room.
    That has become my storage room.

  3. A hanging closet/clothing organizer

  4. This works well for batting, larger cuts of fabric , projects in the works and so on.

    Storage Ideas for the Small Quilting Studio
    Hanging Closet Organizers work well for fabrics, patterns, and projects in the works.

  5. Hanging shoe file organizer

  6. This is great for patterns or small cuts of fabrics. I used it here to keep my smaller cuts of fabric organized by color

  7. over the door shoe rack

  8. This is handy for tools (and fabric too!)

  9. Desk organizer

  10. I purchased this to keep papers and files organized…it never worked 🙂
    It’s perfect for my sewing tools keeping them at my neatly at my finger tips.

    Storage Ideas for the Small Quilting Studio

  11. A large Box tucked under my desk is just right to keep books and papers close by, and neatly organized.

  12. Boxes From Thrive Market* are perfect, a good size and heavy-duty *referral link

    Storage Ideas for the Small Quilting Studio

  13. Of course you need a Design Wall

  14. I made one in a jiffy and hung that behind the door.

    Storage ideas for the small quilting studio

  15. My Desk area also converts easily into a small cutting table

It has been a challenge working in my Temporary Small Quilting Studio.
But when you have a need and desire to create, you do what you have to do!

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8 solutions and ideas to help keep your quilting space organzed and fun to work in.


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