8 Fabric Stash Organizing Ideas.

I’m going to suggest it’s not that you don’t know how to choose colors for your quilt
It’s your lousy Fabric Stash organizing habits!

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When you have a quilt that you are just dying to create.
You probably already have some ideas of what color combination you want.
The problem starts when the fabric stash isn’t cooperating.

Especially if they’re all over the place, mixed up, and jumbled up from a previous flurry of activity.

That’s about where I found myself when I wanted to recreate my Spinning Crystals quilt.

My fabric collection was a crazy jumbled mess, so I did what any sane quilter would do. . .

Went out and bought me some new fabrics.

It’s soooo much easier to put a quilt together when fabrics are organized – and quilt shops do that pretty darn well 🙂

I hope a few of my organizing ideas will work for your fabric stash.

Sort, Sort, Sort!!!

  1. Have a place for your fabrics – I use a tall dresser with drawers that aren’t too deep.
  2. Sorting the fabric makes it easier to find what you need when ya need it.!
  3. Sort by: color, style, small prints, large prints, novelty fabrics, whatever makes sense to you
  4. Gather all your larger chunks of fabric (1 yard or more) and set aside in one place
  5. Add smaller “go with” cuts of fabric with the larger chunks…it makes a great starting place for your next project.
  6. Give away fabric you don’t like. It doesn’t make sense to handle it over and over and over again, knowing you’ll never use it.
  7. and those scraps? You’ll spend more time then it’s worth pawing through a bunch of scrap fabrics. Toss them, unless you’ have a passion for making scrappy quilts.
  8. Bins? They’re good for keeping A project in – but downright awful to house a bunch of fabric. The fabrics will end up jumbled. Wrinkled. Unruly! And that just won’t work!

I hope a few of these ideas will help you tame that fabric stash!

PS. This is an ongoing process…Fabrics do seem to have a life of their own and need to be reigned in and tamed quite often!

PSS. Once my fabric stash was a bit more under control? I found all the fabric I would have needed to create that quilt.

Keeping it as neat and orderly as possible will save tons of time and some moola too!

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