7 Easy Steps to Create an Off The Wall Table Runner

Making an Off the wall table runner is simple and fun

Just 7 simple steps to make an awesome fun table runner

  1. Gather The Fabrics
  2. Half the fun begins with gathering the fabrics.

    For this custom Off The Wall Runner, I am gathering fabrics in the pink/purple family. But it will also be sprinkled with yellows, greens, and blues.

    A piece like this can have a lot of colors…ones that you wouldn’t necessarily put together in a quilt,

    The secret is using fabrics that are bursting with colors. (batiks and busy florals are perfect)
    Than pull some of the colors from those bursting fabrics – even if they clash with other colors in the piece.

    It adds a quirky spark and in the end it’s fun and lively

  3. Cut The Strips
  4. To start an off the wall abstract pieced runner like this (finished size 10″ X 60″)
    I begin cutting my wide range of fabric colors 1 1/8″ – 2″ wide in 12″ -14″ lengths.
    This will allow me to easily make a runner 10″ wide.

    I’ll need to have 50 – 70+ strips cut.

    Once those are cut – we’re off and running.

  5. Sew strips Together
  6. First I sew pairs together. This is the easiest step. It doesn’t really matter which fabrics are paired together.
    I just don’t sew two of the same fabrics together and I don’t like making similar pairs.

    I like to press the seams before continuing. It gets a little unruly if you wait until you have many strips sewn together.

  7. Sew The Pair of strips together, and so on…
  8. Next I sew the pairs together and “sew” on, until all the strips are sewn together in a length long enough for the custom piece.

    With each step more consideration is put into the color placement.


    After strips are all sewn together…that’s when the magic happens.

  9. Slice and Sew
  10. It’s slice and sew time!

    You can go super crazy, dissecting the slices or keep it simple, sometimes simple is better, and for this piece with all its glorious color, I am making only three slices along the length of the quilt.

    Again, I don’t take hours analyzing where to slice and sew my Off the wall quilts.
    (which you can also hang on the wall! 🙂 )

  11. Add Applicques
  12. To complete the top I add circular appliques. In this particular quilt I am using a beautiful Island Batik Floral Bloom Print.

  13. In Finishing
    • I Layer the quilt, using either a plain Jane Backing (natural muslin) or something fun and funky so it can be reversible.
    • step 7 finishing it up

    • I quilt with a free motion, free spirited flow with classical piano music playing in the background
    • Then I even it all up and add a nice contrasting binding

This one is ready for shipment to her new owner!

completed off the wall table runner

On to my next quilting adventure…what will it be? a purse perhaps? or a mini quilt or two.
Stick around an you’ll see! 🙂

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In just 7 easy steps you can create your own one of a kind table runner


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