6 Places To Purchase Organic Fabric Online

The more we (my husband and I) step into the world of organics, the more I want to surround myself with organic products. Making quilts and home decor things from organic fabric seemed like the next logical step.
Looking into organic fabric for your next quilting project?  Here are 6 places you to shop online to get you started.

These are few things I’ve learned along the way about Organic Fabric.

  • Having Organic on the label isn’t good enough. You should look for fabrics that are GOTS Certified.
  • I thought they’d be to expensive, but that hasn’t been the case
  • The colors are often softer
  • I’ve found shopping online is convenient, not many shops (in my area) carry organic fabrics.
  • There are a lot of choices for kids things!

Here’s a list of 6 online shops to get you started

  1. Honey Be Good
  2. I loved my shopping experience with Honey Be Good. They ship quickly and have a nice assortment of fabrics.

  3. Fabric.com
  4. Fabric.com has a lot to choose from!
    Cloud 9, Birch Organics, Clothworks are just a few of the Brands.

  5. Amazon
  6. I purchased a couple of yards of organic muslin, expecting a 2-yard cut. When it arrived it was 2 one yard cuts.

  7. Joann Fabric and Craft Store
  8. Joann Fabric and Craft Stores have a nice selection of Cloud 9 fabric, in the store and online.

    I haven’t had the opportunity to shop at the next two shops yet, but they have lots of goodies I’d love to add to my fabric collection. 🙂

  9. Organic Cotton Plus
  10. The Fabric Worm

I’m just beginning my journey discovering organic fabric and sewing supplies.

And I still love my bright and colorful batiks fabrics.

Like anything new, it takes time to figure it all out.

I figure any little thing I can do to keep things pure and natural around my family has got to help on some level.

See you next Wednesday with a yummy recipe! 🙂

Pattern Download
Baby Stars Quilt, made with Clothworks Organic Fabric. PDF instant download available

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Looking into organic fabric for your next quilting project?  Here are 6 places you to shop online to get you started.


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