5 Mini Pumpkin Decorative Accents To Do In a Jiffy

Let’s do some fall Pumpkin Fest decorating with a Mini Pumpkin or two and Home Decor Items made with Island Batik Fabric.

5 Mini Pumpkin Decorative Accents To Do In a Jiffy

One of the perks of blogging is learning.

As I was writing this post, I discovered that my adorable Jack Be Little and Wee Be Little Pumpkins are not only:
Adorable for decorating
5 mini pumpkin decorative accents to do in a jiffy

And Just right for little ones to carry around
Little Mini Pumpkins are perfect for Little Hands
They’re Edible too!
Mini Stuffed Pumpkin, just ready to be cooked.

Who knew? Well, maybe you did – but I didn’t.
Just because you can grow it, doesn’t mean you can eat it!

Like some gourds . . .

Inedible Gourds

Gourds belong to the plant family known as Cucurbits. Most gourds aren’t for eating. hard-shell gourds are the type used to make bowls and musical instruments; they’re green on the vine but turn tan or brown as they age. Ornamental gourds are the type you’ll usually see for sale around Halloween; they come in colors like green, orange and yellow and are used as decoration. Both hard shell and ornamental gourds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Luffa gourds are cucumber-shaped and, if left on the vine for long enough, turn hard and can be used as sponges. from LiveStrong

I was pleasantly surprised to learn, I could do lots of different things with my mini Pumpkins, including eating them!

Here are 5 fun ways to decorate with your mini pumpkins

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  1. Simplicity
  2. a-minimalist-style

    What You Need

    • A table Runner 🙂
    • Assorted Mini Pumpkins
    • Simple White Luncheon Plates and Bowl

    Assemble it

    • Place a Table Runner Down the Center of the Table
    • Put a bowl with several pumpkins in the center
    • Place a plate with a mini pumpkin on either side

    The Island Batik Table runner is:

  3. Dress ’em Up With Candles
  4. rice-tea-lights-and-pumpkin

    We don’t eat white rice, but we had some hanging around.
    So what do you do with it if you’re not going to eat it?
    Use it for a decorating base.

    This is what you need

    • White Rice
    • Two 8 ounce Mason Jars
    • One 16 ounce Wide Mouth Mason Jar
    • Tea Lights
    • Island Batik Fabric Scraps, narrow and long enough to tie in a bow
    • Flower heads (I used mums and marigolds)
    • A Mini Pumpkin

    It's a Pumpkin Fest, decorating and eating mini pumpkins
    Assemble It

    • Fill mason jars 3/4 of the way with rice.
    • Tie a fabric strip around the top of the jar
    • Place the tea lights in the small jars
    • Arrange a few of the flower heads in the larger jar, on top of the rice, for a dash of color
    • Place a mini pumpkin on top.

    Simple, Easy, Cute

    The Island Batik Placemats Featured in these photos

    • Are made with 8 Fabrics from the Equinox Collection (the collection has 44 different fabrics.

      I love the green fabric in this collection with its pumpkin print, I think it is my favorite fabric of the collection. The green isn’t too dark or bright and the pumpkins are perfect making fall home decor.

    • Are machine quilted in a free motion style, using Fantastico Thread from Superior Threads
    • Placemat done in Island Batik Fabrics, close up of free motion quilting

    • Are versatile

      They are reversible and work as wall decor too!

    • And are also available in my shop

  5. Sometimes Less is more!
  6. Super Simple, Mini Pumpkin centerpiece
    What you need:

    • A simple white bowl (you can use and size or shape – even a plate would work)
    • Rice
    • One Mini pumpkin
    • Tea lights
    • Flower heads

    5 mini pumpkin decorative accents you can do in a jiffy
    Assemble It

    • Pour the rice in the bowl
    • Place the mini pumpkin in the center
    • Add tea lights on each side
    • Arrange flower heads around the pumpkin

    Add a couple of those Handmade Quilted Island Batik Placemats and you’ve got a lovely setting for two. Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner – it looks like a cozy atmosphere!

  7. No Candles Necessary
  8. across-the-table-with-pumpkins-and-more

    What you need:

    • Assorted Mason Jars
    • Assorted White Plates
    • White Rice
    • Several Mini Pumpkins
    • Flower Heads
    • Fresh Colorful Leaves
    • Island Batik Fabric Strips long enough for bows
    • A Pretty Table Runner

    Assemble it

    • Fill the mason jars about 3/4 of the way with Rice
    • Tie Fabric “ribbon” around top of jar
    • Place a mini pumpkin on top of each jar
    • Arrange several leaves on a plate and place the pumpkin on top
    • Add a few flower heads around the pumpkin for added splash of color

    Here I am using the reverse side of the Simply Curvy Modern Table Runner For fall.

  9. On the Mantel, on a side table, or even as a center piece
  10. pumpkins on candlesticks
    Graduated candlesticks are a perfect display base for mini pumpkins.
    The different heights make it interesting and eye catching.

I love decorating the table and house for the seasons.

The Island Batik Fabrics used in these projects are ideal to create rich vibrant pieces for your home.

Pumpkins are perfect for decorating

  • The Place mats highlighted in this project are made with the equinox collection of fabrics.
  • They were designed to highlight the nine patch block from my Equinox Sampler Quil tProject
  • The pattern will be included with the Sampler Quilt Class I am launching soon.
  • It is designed to reinforce skills learned in the class

Mini Pumpkins are so much fun they can be used throughout the house where big pumpkins just won’t do. Scatter them here and there, on window sills and bookshelves.

I tested a few recipes using my mini pumpkins I’ll be sharing that adventure later this week.

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5 Mini Pumpkin Decorative Accents To Do In a Jiffy


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