5 Helpful Hints for Easy Machine Applique

5 Helpful Hints for Machine Applique I’d like to share with you.

Before I share my helpful hints for easy machine applique, let’s take peek at the Joy Sampler Quilt . . .
Joy Sampler Quilt -  An Island Batik Ambassador Christmas In July

A Bit about this Sampler Quilt

Christmas In July Sampler Quilt

Machine applique is fun and a quicker approach then hand or needle-turn applique.
I like the look of both; each have their place.

For this, Island Batik Christmas Sampler Quilt, Machine Applique is ideal!

Helpful Hints for Easy Machine Applique

  1. If your machine allows, have your needle set in the down position.

    This will allow you to adjust the foot without manually finding your place again.

  2. For circles or outside curves.
    • Work in a clockwise direction
    • When adjusting for the curve, have your needle down on the Outside, the right of the circle. Your needle will be in the background fabric
    Helpful Hints for Easy Machine Applique.
    Which Direction to Stitch In
  3. For inside curves, or working on the inside of a circle such as the letter O
    • Work in a counter clockwise direction
    • Have your needle in the down position on the left or inside. Your needle will be on the fabric that is being appliqued)
  4. Jot down the stitch style, width and length
  5. About Stitch Width: I prefer a very narrow and closely stitched satin stitch to cover the raw edges of the applique.
    When you find the stitch you like, jot it down. That way the next time you come back to the project you have that information.
    I know with my sewing machine when you turn if off, it reverts back to all of it’s default settings.

  6. Use a Clear Open Toed foot so you can “clearly” see where you are going.

I love sampler quilts

    Here’s why:

  • Remember the UFO’s?
    I get bored easily – especially with a large project that has a gazillion of the same blocks.
  • Now with a sampler Quilt – It’s just somethin’ new everyday!
  • And with the million’s of variations of blocks, well there isn’t any reason to get bored!

Speaking of Sampler Quilts

You’ll be seeing two, all new Sampler Quilt Projects, in the upcoming months.

Next week: that promised talk about the Whirling Star Block aka “the block from hell!” It really isn’t that bad 🙂 and a few other surprises.

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An Island Batik Christmas in July Sampler Quilt. 5 Helpful Hints for Easy Machine Applique


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  4. Just wonderful, love the satin stitch, I don’t know how to be consistent with that stitch.

    • Barbara, Thank you – I think consistency comes with lots of practice. and I’m still perfecting and practicing 🙂

    • Thank you Pam

  5. Beautiful work and great information! I think you are all set for Christmas Adele!

    • Thank You Connie, it will make a lovely wallhanging for the holidays!

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