5 Great Reasons To Do a Cardio Workout!

Today is Day 5 of the 21 Day Fix – Cardio Fix.

There are way more reason than this to do Cardio, But these are 5 very good reasons to add a Cardio Workout to your routine...and stick to it!

I’m sure you’ve read all the great reasons to add a Cardio Workout to your exercise routine.

  • It helps fight against disease
  • It helps control your weight
  • Gives you a great attitude
  • Gives you tons of energy
  • It’s just plain fun.

But I think you have to find the right fit for you.

There are some workout programs that you just might not like. Don't give up. Try another. Click To Tweet

It’s tough.
jumping jacks, and burpees, mountain climbers and skater jumps to name a few moves
Four Rounds, 2 moves in each round; the rounds repeated twice.
And a little bonus round too 🙂

It’s grueling you might want to quit, but don’t!

When you finish you’ll feel great!

It’s not just about having more energy, it gives you confidence.
If you can get through the whole thing and a high-five to your workout buddy.
The rest of the day is easy peasy!

I can’t say enough about a good cardio workout!

Yup, totally addicted.

Like I said yesterday. Pilates is maybe a necessary part of the overall workout schedule – but it doesn’t give me the high that a good cardio workout does.

Where can you get a 21 Day Fix program. Right on Amazon – comes with everything you need, except the free weights or Resistance Bands.

The program does include those cute containers for packing your food if you decide to follow the food plan.

30 minutes your done – and best of it is you’ll feel like a million bucks when your done and have the rest of the day to

Quilt ~ Bake ~ and of course Create!

On the Design Board:
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In the Kitchen
Pita Breads
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And Creating a happy balanced life by
Planning an evening of watching my new favorite show
The Gilmore Girls! Check it out it’s a blast 🙂

Adele, Blogging the Creative Life

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There are so many good reasons to fit a workout into your daily routine, Here are just five and a few more surprises. #21dayfix #healthandfitness


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