3 Cool Things for Your Blog

I recently discovered a few cool things for my blog.

It’s cool when you discover something new that can help make your life easier and more fun!!!

It’s even better when you can share those things with the peeps around you.
Sharing will enrich everyone with more knowledge
Sharing will enrich everyone with more knowledge ... Ana Monnar Click To Tweet

    So, with that said – I want to share what I learned and discovered.

  • The first is BlogLovin
  • BlogLovin'

    I know it isn’t new and may not be new to you – but until this week I haven’t taken the time to learn what it was all about.

    I decided to take some time to check it out and now I’m in love with BlogLovin’

    It’s a simple, way to follow blogs that you like and makes sharing content with your follower super easy. Totally cool.

    Hope you’ll check out if you haven’t already. And look me up while there.

  • The next thing I discovered was Linky Parties
  • Now this is something I’ve seen around the web, but didn’t pay much attention to.
    And I’m still trying to get the hang of it and figure it all out.
    I’ve only participated in a couple, since this is all new to me …

    I’m still a novice and learning about Linky Parties.
    But that’s part of the journey and the fun!
    And I’ll be sharing the knowledge as I go along.

  • The other nifty thing I found was Linkwithin which creates a link to similar stories on your blog.

All of this made for a cool week and can’t wait to see to what new and exciting things I’ll discover this week.

What about you? Why not share below the new things you’ve discovered!

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Sharing will enrich everyone with more knowledge


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