27 Must See Quilting Blogs this Summer and Beyond

27 Must See Quilting Blogs This August and Beyond.

There are Lots and Lots of Quilting Sites in the Big World Wide Web.

Since I am also an Island Batik Ambassador, I wanted to make sure you don’t miss out on the Summer Fun or seeing creativity at play.

Starting on August 15th The Island Batik Ambassadors ( a very creative group of quilters, each with a unique style) will be participating in a Seaside Summer Blog Hop.

27 Must See Quilting Blogs This Summer
If you love batik fabrics like I do – you surely don’t want to miss out the Creativity, Tutorials, Quilting Inspiration and giveaways.

The following is a schedule for this blog hop, but don’t limit yourself to just this one visit. Visit often and don’t forget to leave a comment – we love to hear from our readers.

Without Further ado.

Here are the 27 Quilting Blogs that you don’t want to miss this summer and beyond.

The photos pictured below are an example of past work and/or blog logos.
Pictures and Logos were selected and submitted by the Island Batik Ambassador
You’ll have to wait and see what they’re cooking up for the Blog Hop 🙂

Seaside Summer Blog Hop Schedule:

    Monday Aug 15

  1. Kissed Quilts Kissed Quilts will also be sharing a project On September 1st!
  2. KISSEDQUILTS_100high
    Tuesday Aug 16

  3. Free Motion by the River
  4. Mary Mack Made Mine

  5. Wednesday Aug 17

  6. Purrfect Spots
  7. 27 Must See Blogs This Summer!
    Purrfect Spots
  8. KnitBug 2

  9. Thursday Aug 18

  10. Tamarinis
  11. Pamela Quilts
  12. 27 Must See Blogs This Summer
    Pamela Quilts
  13. Maria Michael Designs
  14. Maria’s Quilts for Sale Website

    Marie Michael Designs
    Mariea Michael Designs

    Friday Aug 19

  15. Quilting Affection
  16. 27 Must See Blogs This Summer and Beyond

  17. Archipelago Quilting

  18. Monday Aug 22

  19. Arkangel Creations
  20. 27 Must See Blogs This Summer and Beyond
    Ark Angels Creations
  21. Bejeweled Quilts
  22. Tuesday Aug 23

  23. Kauffman Designs
  24. Right Here – Adele Mogavero * Del~Lillian’s
  25. the Crystal Cove Beetle
    The Crystal Cove Beetle
    Adele Mogavero * Del~Lillian’s

    Wednesday Aug 24

  26. Lemon Tree Snippets
  27. 27 Must See Blogs the Summer and Beyond
    Lemon Tree Snippets
  28. Bea Quilter

  29. Thursday Aug 25

  30. Stone Cottage Quilts
  31. Sew Supportive

  32. Friday Aug 26

  33. Sallys Quilting Corner
  34. Toolontilkkupaja
  35. Monday Aug 29

  36. Inchworm Fabrics
  37. MooseStashQuilting

  38. Tuesday Aug 30

  39. For Quilts Sake For Quilts Sake will also be sharing a project On September 2nd!
  40. 27  Must See Quilting Blogs the Summer and Beyond
    For Quilts Sake
  41. Patchwork Breeze

  42. Wednesday Aug 31

  43. Desert Bloom Quilting
  44. 27 Must See Blogs This Summer
    Desert Bloom Quilting
  45. Adventurous Applique and Quilting
  46. 27 Must See Quilting Blogs
    Quilt By Suzy Webster of Adventures in Applique.
    “All Fired Up using the Fire Island Line”

    Thursday Sep 1

    Kissed Quilts

  47. The Patchwork Pearl

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27 Must See Quilting Blogs this summer and beyond


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