2 Table Runner Rules That Were Made To Be Broken

Table Runners just add a nice little spark to the table setting. Click To Tweet

But I had no idea that there are Table Runner “rules” did you?

Here are two Rules, or Should do’s, that are definetly made to be Broken!

2 Table Runner Rules that were made to be broken!

Key Notes about the Rails and Fences Table Runner pictured throughout this post

    • This table runner project is an Island Batik Ambassador Bountiful Table Topper September Challenge

Island Batik Ambassador Boutiful Table Toppers Challenge Project

Table Runner is made with a rails and fences block
The table runner is made up of one of the blocks from my Equinox Sampler Quilt.



Quilter’s Dream Natural Cotton Batting

One Day I thought, huh…. I wonder.

Should table runners be a “certain” size?.

So I searched for the answer.

Much to my dismay, there were answers and rules

Table Runner rule #1…

Your table runner “should be” 12 inches LONGER then the length of the table. With each end hanging over 6 inches.

I looked at my husband and said…”Crikey!” My table runner would have to be 120″ long, when the dining table is fully extended.

That would be one very long table runner. – The never-ending table runner!

Table Runner made from Island Batik Fabric
Rails and Fences Table Runner Made with Island Batik – Equinox Collection, Machine Quilted with Fantastico Thread from Superior Threads.

Rule #1 – I am not listening to you!

It doesn’t end there either.

Table runner Rule #2

There is the width to consider. and here too my table runners will fail this rule quite often.

Rule #2 Your table runner “should be” 1/3 the width of your table….hmm, so if it’s narrower are the table runner police going to arrest me?

If it’s wider? Will I be shunned?

Table Runners I adore them, long or short, narrow or wide. They are versatile and a clever way to add a nice ambience to the table.

The Rails and Fences table runner shown here, breaks the rules completely.
It’s shorter than my table length
and is just a tad bit too wide.
table runner alternate view
It’s Perfect 🙂

The Pattern for this project will be included in my Sampler Quilt Class.

It will also be available a la carte in my pattern shop later this year.

table runner back and front view

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2 Table Runner Rules that were made to be broken!



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8 replies to 2 Table Runner Rules That Were Made To Be Broken

  1. great runner and I laughed at the “rules” I do know I’ve made some that I thought would be great for the table but they were too wide, so with plates on the table they would cover and wobble on the edge of the quilt, so that didn’t work.

    • Me too Bea, That’s was what prompted me to look up the “rules”! But heck wide table runners are perfect for buffets 🙂

  2. Well, fooey on those rules. I personally don’t like things hanging off the edge of my table. Not that my kids are little anymore, but when they were, it was the perfect place to hold a tug of war! LOL!!! I think your runner is perfect as it is and I do love those colors! They look great with your beautiful table!

    • Thanks Joan – and I agree fooey on the rules 🙂

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  4. Love your runner. I did not know those rules and I’m sure I break them all the time. If my table runners hung off the end of the table I think the cats would pull them off and play with them!

    • LOL!!! i think they were made up during the days of kings and queens. when everything had rules! 😀

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