15 Amazing Quilters Take On UFO Challenge

Quilters and Their UFO’s

15 Quilters of the Quiltsy Team have joined together to encourage, support, and promote one another while we tackle our concealed UFO’s in our quilting studios.
15 amazing quilters to take on ufo challenge
I have also joined in on the fun too! (making it a total of 16)

Why do Quilter’s have UFO’s???

If you aren’t’ a quilter or other crafty DIY’er you may not have clue what UFO’s are…a hint…these have nothing to do with Area 51

No, I don’t have any space ships hiding out in the garage or cellar…
but UFO’s?

I have a few…a few too many 🙂

Quilting UFO Hose Quilt and Lake Side Village
Two Quilts I pulled out of the bins. The horses: Wild and Free Wallhanging by Mary Lou Yetmen and the seaside village my original.

UFO’s are Unfinished projects.

There are as many reasons to have them tucked away as there are quilters.

Life gets busy, sometimes we lose interest in a project, sometimes the project just needs to “marinate” on the wall.

But at the end of the day, they need to be taken care of .

One way or another!

And the Quiltsy Team 2017 UFO Promotion is just the kick in the butt I needed to start working on mine.

What’s the Quiltsy Team?

The Quiltsy Team is a group of talented Quilters, who are also Entrepreneurs and owners of Etsy Shops.

Etsy Teams are a community within Etsy where you can connect with others and share information about running a business, get advice, support, and gather to socialize. We support each other on The Quiltsy Team by sharing each others work.

Who are these amazing Quilters?

Let me introduce you!

  1. Pamela Quilts owner Pamela

  2. A Quilters UFO Challenge PamelaQuilts

  3. ISewTotes, owner Ilse

  4. The quilted Candle Mat is Ilse’ February UFO Project and is available only at ISewTotes

  5. Lawsons Creations Owner Donna Croff

  6. A Quilters UFO Challenge

  7. Back Pocket Designs, owner Sues

  8. A Quilters UFO Challenge

  9. PatsPassionsQuilted, Owner Pat Young

  10. Red Needle Quilts, Owner Astrid Stenerud Prayag

  11. UFO Promotion Participant Quiltsy Team

  12. One Oak Handmade, Owner Karen Cregger

  13. A quilters UFO Challenge
    Karen’s February UFO Project, pictured above, was gifted to her son’s girlfriend for her birthday Feb 13. They both love to Kayak. This is from Anthology Batiks, Pattern called Crossed Kayaks from Fons and Porter. 84″ x 84″
    Long arm quilted with panto Meandering Water.

  14. The Batty Quilter, Owner Lily Sweeney

  15. Quilting Granny, Owner Mary

  16. Etsy Shop Quilting Granny, Owned and Operated by Mary

    Mary’s Table Runner is her February UFO Project available only at Quilting Granny

  17. , Owner Maryellen McAuliffe

  18. UFO Quiltsy Team Promotion Mary Mack Made Mine
    You can read all about this project on
    Maryellen’s Blog!

  19. Cloth Stitched, Owner Charmaine

  20. ClothStitched UFO in the works
    This is a UFO in progress! Can’t wait to see it finished.

  21. Gallagher Quilting, owner Kim Gallagher

  22. Quilt Sew Piecful, Owner Gail

  23. CactusPenguin, Owner Lauren Krueger

  24. BearCozyQuilts, Owner Anna Lindsay

  25. UFO Quiltsy Team 2017 Promotion Participant

  • Del~Lillian’s, Owner Me 🙂

  • UFO Project from Del~Lillian's

    This is my February UFO in the works. More about this next week!

    Back to the UFO 2017 Promotion.

    What’s is this all about?

    Each of us has been given the task of finishing one UFO each month.
    Once it’s complete we post it within our group and share each others projects on our Facebook page.

    At the end of the year, we’ll have a fabric swap for those who complete a UFO each month.

    Why do you share items by the competition?

    Well, there is a lot of competition out there that is true.
    Here are just a few statistics I found

    • There are also A LOT of internet users…7,340,159,492, in 2016…
    • 1.86 billion active monthly users on Facebook
    • 342,000,000 active users on Twitter…

    I think that is probably enough to go around for everyone 🙂

    Not everyone likes everything.
    You may like colorful quilts, but maybe pastels are more your style.
    Maybe you love primitive or traditional, maybe modern is more to your taste.

    We all have different talents and styles – something for everyone
    even if you aren’t a quilt connoisseur – a Quiltsy Team Member probably has something you’ll love!

    Completed UFO’s means more room in the studio and more space to get creative!

    So, how many UFO’s do you have lurking about???

    Adele, Blogging the Creative Life

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    15 Quilters of the Quiltsy Team have joined together to encourage, support, and promote one another while we tackle our concealed UFO's in our quilting studios.


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    1. UFO challenge is going to be a blast. Time to finish them up and show them off.

      • I agree Lily! It was what I needed to get going. One down and many to go! 🙂

    2. Great post, thanks for including me Adele!

      • Thank Charmaine, It was a pleasure 🙂

    3. Determined group of quilters…they will accomplish so much!

      • I think your right Sally, hope I can keep up!

    4. It’s great that so many of you are up to the challenge. I’ve thought of joining, but need enough time to figure out which UFOs I actually want to finish! Maybe next month…….

      • Judith I’m hoping I can keep up with the challenge!

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