10 Cool Quilting Tools for your Quilting Adventures

Quilting is one of my passions and I have tried all sorts of quilting tools and

10 Cool Quilting Tools for you Quilting Adentures.

Here are 10 Cool Quilting Tools for your quilting adventures

  1. Electric Quilt Software

    I love this Software and have created dozens of quilts with it.

    Here are a couple of examples.

    Patterns for these quilts and others, are available in my Pattern Shop and at Del~Lillian’s

  2. Freezer Paper!

    I love Freezer paper – it works wonders for great
    applique, just cut your pieces press to the right side of the fabric and you have a
    template that doesn’t move or shift. I also use it as templates for pieced
    quilts like my Contemporary Art Quilt shown here. Scrap Fabric used in an art quilt that blends the primitive with the traditional
    You can even get
    Quilter’s Freezer Paper Sheets
    that will run right through your printer.

    • no fuss
    • no tracing
    • no hassle
    • no pinning

    Pretty cool!

  3. Triangles on a roll
    Love love love this stuff! It makes those half square triangles a snap to make! Especially if you
    have a quilt with lots of the same fabrics in it.
  4. Triangulations Software
    Along the same line as Triangles on a roll is
    software called Triangulations
    It’s not only a great money saver, it is there when
    you need it. If you are suddenly struck with a wish to quilt at midnight,
    Triangulations Software will be waiting for you, with every size available.

    If your printing up these triangles, you’ll need paper too, right?

    Which brings me to my next favorite and must have for every quilting studio.

  5. Foundation Paper
    I never like running out of foundation paper;

    Carol Doak’s Foundation Paper
    is a favorite!
    This is obviously great if you areinto foundation piecing, something I am getting more interested in these days, andgreat for using along with Triangulations software.
    I think it’s a perfect match!

  6. June Tailor Perfect Half-Square & Quarter-Square Triangles Ruler”
  7. It might seem that I am obsessed with Half Square
    and Quarter Square triangles, but lets face it, if you going to make a quilt with
    triangles in it, tools like these are a godsend!

    It is one of the most useful tools I have purchased to make half and quarter square
    triangles, especially for those scrappy style quilts where the triangles on a roll
    or triangulations software just can’t be used effectively.

  8. The Rotary Cutter, Ruler(s) and a cutting Mat
    I don’t know how I ever got bywithout these tools. It makes life so much easier in the quilting studio, nothing else really needs to be said. (I know technically that is three things, but they
    aren’t effective without each other!) If you don’t have them – and you are serious
    about quilting – you should definitely invest in them.
    I have used both Olfa and Fiskar products and have been happy with both.
  9. A good seam ripper
    Let’s face it, mistakes happen, even to the best of us. Having
    a good and comfortable seam ripper is a necessity! Better than just ripping those
    two pieces apart 🙂 I really like my new Fons and Porter Ergonomic Seam Ripper
    It is comfortable to use, and the size makes it easy
    to find too! (I seem to misplace my seam ripper all the time!)
  10. Fusible Webbing
    My favorite is the
    Thermoweb Iron-on Adhesive

    They have different weights for all your needs, the “lite” weight works well for machine Applique.

  11. YLI Thread
    This is my go to thread for hand applique. The neutral colors are perfect. You don’t have to have a
    different color for every shade of color in your quilt. It made working on this
    quilt a heck of a lot simpler.

Hand Appliqued and Hand Quilted, this quilt was a labor of love. It isn't perfect - but perfection is over rated.

Making life easy with great quilting tools makes quilting a joy!

Happy Quilting 🙂
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10 Cool quilting tools for your quilting adventures.  These are tools I use all the time.  The more I use them, the more I love them....


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