1 Simple Step To Beat Procrastination

It only took one simple step to overcome my procrastination.

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After I finished my Summer Home Decor Collections, I took a much needed break…but

When it came time to start working on my Fall Home Decor Line. . . I procrastinated.

I just couldn’t do a thing to motivate myself.

I kept thinking of all the stuff I’d had to do, the fun and the not so fun, but all necessary.

I started focusing on the Not so Fun things.

The result?

I didn’t want to even start my projects.

And It’s summer. My quilting studio

is a beautiful, spacious, room, with the sun flows through the windows… but it isn’t where I wanted to be.

The Pool? Yes!!!

The quilting studio? Not so much.

So I just kept on procrastinating

Even though I knew that the fall collection wasn’t gonna make itself.

If you’re in a rut of procrastination this one simple thing will help

  • Make whatever you need to do an appointment

Seriously. It does work.

I scheduled a 90-minute block of time as if it were an important appointment, one I couldn’t miss.

Knowing that once I started, I’d be as happy as a clam.

Just in case you were wondering when clams are “happy”.
Clams can only be dug up at low tides, so at high tide, a clam is safer and secure, so, therefore, happy.

Once I got going my creative juices started flowing.

And you can bet “fall home decor” is on my daily schedule, even if it’s a 20-minute chunk of time.

In that little 90 minute block of time…I got a lot of stuff done.

Home Decor Behind the scenes look

Of course, it all starts with strips and my signature off the wall style that I love.

What can you expect in the Fall Home Decor Line?

Think Pumpkins, Leaves, Crisp Autumn colors.
Decorative Wall Art from Quilts and Canvas Art
Pillows to add a soft cozy feel
and table decor to warm your heart.

Next time how to stay motivated throughout the project.

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